Family Moments

Daphne has loved standing a lot lately, in this picture she is watching adelaide sing a song at the computer. She sure loves Adelaide!

Daphne has loved giving herself bites of food that we prepare for her, of course we clap and make a big deal out of it so that is probably what she likes more but I’ll do whatever to get her to do it!

Daphne loves the beach, I me we all do, who doesn’t?! This day was especially nice as it was over 100 degrees at our house so the beach was in the 90s and the water that normally feels like ice water was so refreshing and we all got in all the way up to our necks and basically could only be comfortable in the water. This was one of the best beach days ever!

There is a great non-profit called Bella’s Bumbas and they provide these bumbo wheelchairs at no cost to the customer except for shipping. Daphne loves her wheels and the ability to get around, of course she has also discovered leaning forward and scaring us and her ability to chew on the wheel 🤢.

We also found this local gym for kids with sensory issues (all the kids loved it).

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