First Blog Post!

Hello Everyone!

You may be wondering what happened with the plan to use the BlogSpot address….well that blogging tool was limited, that site had been dead for 5 years (I still need to print it for Adelaide), it was complicated for some to get a username since I was restricting access so I decided to start FRESH.

I have big plans for my blogging, extra time (yeah right!) and hobbies that are more than just shopping.

Since we live so far from friends and family and we have a lot going on, this will be a great way to stay up to date.  Don’t think I don’t love you all and enjoy talking to you but providing updates to everyone can get kind of hard so don’t take this as impersonal think of it more as an in-depth view of “what’s going on” so when we do talk or text we can skip all the exhausting details and get right to the point.  I hope you all think it’s as much of a win win as I do.

Now to figure out all the features on this bad boy and get some pictures posted.


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