Daphne’s 1st Birthday

On Sunday May 22 we celebrated Daphne’s 1st Birthday with 60+ of our closest friends.

The weather was windy and chilly, not our typical So Cal weather and unfortunate since we were hosting it at our Association so the kids could swim, play and run around, they did not seem to mind the weather.

Hosting a party at a location that does not do any setup for you is a lot of work, especially when you have Pinterest pushing you to have the perfectly decorated and themed party.  So stressful but I think I WE did a great job!

There were over 25 balloons that were a twisted mess, red table cloths with black plates and green silverware to look like a ladybug with little blades of grass and the cutest little favor bags if I can say so myself.

We served Mexican Street Tacos, Tamales, Beans and Rice with all the stuff to make them yummy.

And then we had the Birthday Cake (thank you Costco) to eat and the Smash Cake that I made.  I was shocked that after Daphne clubbed the cake a couple times (yes I could not handle more than twice or the mess so I stopped her) people ate it.  Everyone loved it and I have to say it is the easiest cake to make and from one of my favorite cooks.

I actually do not like the rum version of the cake but Rich loves it.  For Daphne I just added 1/4 cup more of both oil and water to replace the rum and did not do the glaze.  It is the moistest cake I have ever had!

Daphne got so many presents and so many people wanted to hold her, I managed to let go a little but she is not a fan of being passed around and luckily makes that pretty clear so I don’t have to even ask for her back, her crying does it.  Sorry folks, I am stingy with my baby and she knows it!

I am sure I have rambled enough and all you want to see are the pictures.  It was a great day and we were so blessed that so many people decided to spend it with us and celebrate Daphne’s Day.  Here’s to many more Happy Birthdays!

The past 12 months…


Daphne cannot sit unassisted, I am just a MASTER at balancing her and snapping the pic super Fast!


The girl can squirm though…IMG_2351

We have done this shot from birth and thankfully she still tolerates it.IMG_2355IMG_2364IMG_2389IMG_2368IMG_2378

3 thoughts on “Daphne’s 1st Birthday”

  1. Wow…what a great birthday for a special little girl..that was a fast year!!! Thanks for sharing ,love seeing pictures of the girls,you and Rich too!!!


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