Memorial Day Weekend Keeps Going and Going

We enjoyed the long weekend!


Adelaide had a sleepover and Daphne decided she would stay up till Midnight and was super fussy.  The trick that seems to work with her when she gets to the point of over tired, you missed her window, the kids woke her or she knew other people were in the house mood is to let her cry for about 10 mins in her crib (don’t freak out, we watch her on the monitor the entire time) then I go in and rescue her and rock her to sleep.  It kills my back and it gets hot holding her so we have this routine of swaying in front of the humidifiers cool air then turning around and slowly moving to the crib where I then break out my super skills and gently lay her down without waking her.

We enjoyed a cookout with friends with ceviche and s’mores.

Adelaide, Daphne and I enjoyed the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale and lunch out while Rich worked.

We actually were able to finish all the house chores (mainly mountains of laundry) and still have another day to relax.

Then Monday night Daphne was up most of the night not feeling well.  Her friend at the babysitters was sick with a cold and pink eye so we were bracing ourselves.

I stayed home with her Tuesday to get her better and let her rest.  She slept a bunch that day and her appetite was pretty good considering she felt yucky.  I also took her to the doc just to make sure if she was getting anything I would get ahead of it before it exploded.

We have learned that with Mito kids its not good for them to get sick, it can linger for much longer in their bodies and more seriously it can cause a regression or a mito episode.  We have been walking on eggshells with Daphne since the Docs have pointed towards Mito because stress can also cause the above as well as their routine being off, nutrition, etc.  The list is too long and seemingly unfair since it covers just about anything in life but we are doing our best with it.

Monday night came around and Daphne was just a little better but not much so yet another day at home for us and this time I had to call in reinforcements around lunch because she was not having it and I was trying to work and tend to her and she needed a fresh face so Daddy to the rescue.

Have I mentioned yet how much my back hurts?!

The little stinker fooled us.  She was not 100% but was much better.  I have been home from work for 5 days now and the cabin fever is pretty high.  All will be back to normal tomorrow but I am sure Daphne will not let tonight be easy.

Anyhow I really just wanted to write a little to basically state, no real news on Daphne and my poor back 🙂

Here is a video from tonight (excuse my look) Daphne discovered kicking Rich earlier on the changing table and thought it was hilarious that she wanted to try it out on Adelaide.

She got the reaction she was looking for 🙂




2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Keeps Going and Going”

  1. This video is too adorable!! Gave us Pittsburgh Magees a good laugh, thank you for sharing!

    I hope that Daphne has been feeling better and that she has let you get some rest!



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