Special Needs

A phrase I had a hard time with at first, but didn’t tell anyone.

I had a picture in my head of what I thought a “special needs” person looked like.

It was not pretty, it was like a vegetable state.

On a Facebook group I am a member of that term is the face of thousands of different kids who are all different and similar at the same time.

There has been a lot of discussion in that group in the few months I have been a member on whether our kids with the main symptom of hypotonia, some having a diagnosis or most being un-diagnosed are truly considered Special Needs Kids.

When I read my first post on this topic and some other posts, shortly after, I got freaked out and distanced myself for a little bit.

But I went back because I needed more information.

That group has been the most helpful group of any site I have found.

I do not think we would be where we are today had I not had the guidance and experience of those families.

So I have redefined and painted a new picture of what Special Needs is to me….

It is my daughter.

It is anyone that struggles to do the simplest of tasks.

Someone that may require special tools or equipment to help make their lives easier.

Someone that you take special care of.

So the next time you mutter the words special needs in a negative manner or you are just ignorant (sorry not sorry for my honesty) or see someone with a limitation, do not pass judgement, OR say in your head I am thankful that is not me or have a negative image in your head.

Re-define the word.

You are reading this blog because somehow you know my daughter and she is not a vegetable, she is the most loving little girl I have ever met that absolutely lights up at the sight of her Sister, Kitty, Me, Rich and Mara (yes in that order 🙂 ).  She commands anyone that is with her, whether it be by eye contact, grunt, scream, squeal, kick or a swat of the arm.

Be compassionate.

Be loving.

Here is my little cutie in some of her “special” equipment.

***Note none of this “equipment” is for special needs, it’s for “normal” kids but you figure out how to make your childs life better with just about anything.

I will have another post on the cost of a device or equipment for “medical” purposes.  I thought it was going to be in this post but like always I got on a rant and went down another path!

Cliffhanger…stay tuned 🙂

This neck float is amazing.  For those kids that it is hard to hold their head up all the time and need that weightless movement, this thing does the job!  Sadly ours got a hole in it over the weekend from I think our big water dogs nail (outside the pool, not on the babes at the time)  A little patch will tell if I need to order a new one.  In case there are any parents of special children reading, you can find it at www.otteroo.com.IMG_2124

This next little gem might be my favorite of all time.  Can I get one in my size please?!  I will not be able to slouch and those side bars are so comfy.  Of course a smart nurse developed it.  You can find it at www.snuggingo.com and here.  Please ignore me in the video.


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