Cousin Visit

We had such a fun weekend. 

One of those weekends that may take a week to recover from.

Rich’s cousin Jon came to visit.

It’s been almost 2 years since we saw him.

After a week of Adelaide being sick and Daphne teething, we needed a little fun.

Friday the guys kept Adelaide to give her one more day of rest. We met for lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant and then they went to Dave and Busters while I went back to work. Not really fair.

Friday evening we had our Championship Soccer Game and we won! 2 years in a row!! 

After the game we had our favorite babysitter so we could take Jon on a tour of Lake Forest. 

Fun, Fun Times 🙂

Is that 👆🏻not the best Uber Driver ever?! Super sweet guy! 

On the weekends we usually walk to our favorite breakfast place, Bagels and Brew and this Saturday was not different. Especially since I forgot to make oatmeal for Daphne and it takes over 30 minutes because she only like steelcut. 

Geesh getting the crew out of the house took over 30 mins and the walk there just may have been the longest in our history of walking to bagels and brew.

Maybe, just maybe we were all tired from the night before but we were easily distracted on the trail looking at all the neighbors landscaping and hummingbirds so we had to cut through the park to make it faster.

The men then jumped on the band wagon with the Pokemon Go…

I almost peed my pants laughing at them. 

I mean seriously what grown person downloads an app that has you chasing mythical creatures that nobody can see unless you use the app that apparently makes your phone so hot it feels like it’s going to explode.

To each is to own I guess but enjoy these videos.​

All that Pokemon hunting had the guys so tired they needed a nap. Rich tried to say Daphne needed a nap but all the girls in the house were up doing chores and relaxing.

Daphne did take a nap a little later so after Rich took Jon to Sammy’s for a little OTB and I took the girls to Nordstrom for the Anniversary Sale! I barely got anything for myself 😢 seriously I think a shirt and a pair of shoes. Adelaide made out well, of course! Expensive little stinker!

I need so much more!

I keep telling myself it’s for the new school year and Christmas presents.

For dinner we enjoyed some amazing steaks cooked by Jon and swimming. Jon is used to the hot and humid temps of the south and here in Cali it cools off at night, to the point he was freezing, kind of funny.

Sunday was his last day and we really wanted to let him experience the blow hole in Laguna Beach but it was closed.

I did meet an OT who shared her website with me that she said has lots of good tips, can’t wait to check it out.

I also brought a succulent home with me, Laguna Beach is full of them and I only wish my garden could be as nice as those in Laguna.

We usually end the weekend at our Association Pool. The adult pool has Sunday Funday with a bar and the snack bar is open and it’s just a nice way to unwind and  relax before the work week starts.

The guys wanted Chinese for dinner and I knew we could talk Adelaide into it with a buffet, that girl loves a good buffet!
We were all exhausted last night and especially this morning, but had a great time!

Until next time Jon Boy!


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