To Gluten or Not to Gluten

We are continuing to search for other ways to treat Daphne and slow/stop the progression of the brain disease caused by her Mito Disease.

Rich has found some articles on supplements and and is reaching out to Neurologists to see if one thought he has holds any basis.

I told him to not get disappointed because most docs are not willing to step outside and have an actual thought on their own or “try” anything not already documented.

I mean are we getting anywhere with Science?!  Some days I wonder.

So we know that Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s all have Mitochondrial Dysfunction.  All diseases that do not have a cure!

My great-grandmother and one of my grandmothers died of Alzheimer’s.  It is a horrible disease and I remember thinking when I was younger and seeing them both go through this that they are still active and moving and eating and should be fine.

Never ever did I know the impact the Mitochondria has on the body in causing systems to shut down until Daphne.

Now looking back at both of them going through this I wish I had known what I know now, I wish I could have suggested more things.

Let me get to my point…

Today I spoke with a co-worker that was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago.  I wanted her to tell me what worked for her.

She spoke about different doctors she has seen in the US (not as helpful) and Switzerland (helpful stating something is poisoning your body, drink more water)  she agreed that the doc sounded crazy suggesting water but she increased her consumption and she felt better.  Novel idea since our bodies are 80% water but sometimes you think you need to hear it from a doc for it to be true.

Stop that now.

She then discussed Terry Wahls, a doctor who had debilitating MS that went from a wheelchair to standing, and her recommended diet.

It’s basically gluten free, dairy free (aka Paleo).  Oh boy!

She said she switched and follows the beginner diet as the doc has 3 stages and it has helped her.  Her MRI showed the previous lesions on her brain were gone as well as her spine healed after she was on the diet.

She even said she ate spaghetti last night and woke this morning not being able to walk.  But was pushing herself to go for a 10 mile bike ride with coworkers because it would make her feel better.

I googled, researched and found this really interesting you tube video I hope you all will watch.

We have asked about diet and always get the same answer…”it doesn’t matter”

Diet is impactful, let’s look at kids who eat processed food (chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pizza) vs kids that  eat fruits and veggies.  I know after I eat the processed food how I feel…nasty, overly full and bloated the next day.  You will not say man I am so bloated from that peach or bowl of broccoli.

I know it’s all in moderation and change is hard, but if there is a shred of evidence that this could help, it certainly will not hurt.

I love pasta.  It’s my favorite food.  My body does not like it but I would be willing to try this along with Daphne to see what it is like.

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