Some of my favorite moments

Since school has started, so has all of Adelaide’s activities.




Mid year Cheer

These keep her busy 4 nights a week, 4 hours one evening with a soccer game on Saturdays. 

She absolutely loves her activities and has always excelled at school with perfect grades even with juggling a very busy schedule.

Good parenting? Mama genes? Or just a great and exceptional kid?

Even with our craziness and the above is just Adelaide, Daphne has therapy 4 days a week and Rich and I play soccer one night a week and TRY to take a run or two midweek we still manage to have great family time. 

I will share some of my favorite pictures from the past couple of weeks.

*as you can see even though the news of Daphne’s Disease is horrible and dealing with her day to day life is not always easy and requires lots of planning for both kids we have not stopped living our lives which I think is very important for mental health which I believe is the key driver of your overall health. 


From a mama that earns her glass of wine

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