Run of the Mill

So my parents have been here for the weekend…

No lie within 30 minutes being in the house all the dishes and ahem 2 weeks worth of laundry were washed and folded!


That was a huge relief, I could have almost thrown in the towel to doing the epoxy in the garage….nah who am I kidding, I love a good project.

Actually Rich and I have spent most of the evenings over the past couple weeks working on the garage after the girls go to sleep until about midnight.  We are tired in the am.

But it looks so much better.

Anyhow I love my convo with my dad before bed is about “run of the mill” doctors. The ones that don’t make an effort to invest any time into their patients.

Ahhh obviously I was complaining about Daphne’s docs who treat her like a hospice patient. Sorry stupid stupid docs. Not my kid and not in my watch. I have no issue challenging them and making them think and making them do the best they can. 

They see tens of patients, not hundreds so they are supposed to be the resident experts bringing all the latest articles to us and knowledge on research, not the other way around.

These people piss me off and they piss my dad off! 

Take the time to read and research, it’s not that hard! 

I am going to say, sorry not sorry for him continuing to fuel my hatred and disappoint in most of the docs I encounter (FYI he’s a doc himself)!

So I can end on a positive note below are some pics from our weekend!

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