How many of you are obsessed with Pinterest?

I used to be but rarely have the time for it lately.

I can always count on it being there for the last minute school project, gift wrapping or if I need dinner fast recipe.

I honestly don’t remember what I did before Pinterest.  I remember when my friend introduced it to me and I thought she was nuts and it was so time consuming and she was so proud of me when I started to “pin” things.  Now it’s like my down time.

Pinterest has given me the ability to be that mom for my oldest daughter.  Seriously though.  School is tough and challenging and all the moms are on Pinterest. A simple party or cookie doesn’t cut it anymore.  You gotta have it ALL together.  Most of what I make probably looks like a Pinterest fail but it’s the fun I have with my daughter when making the ridiculous crafts or recipes that I cherish.

OH and I told my daughter I better have a perfectly planned Pinterest party when I turn 40!  She has a few years yet, but she better step up, I don’t want any straight edges on my hearts or circle cutouts đŸ¤£

XOXO “That Mom”

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