Carrying a Tune

I am staying up way to late to write this, for those I may see at work tomorrow….

I’ll take a nonfat no whip mocha java chip frap πŸ™πŸ»

I’ll make it quick…

Right because I don’t ramble, ever!

Little miss poo has been babbling some Ba, Ma, Oh and all kinds of stuff since January-ish.  Ask me when speech started and I need to search the calendar in my phone but it was around 18 months.  So you do the math, it’s midnight here and I am tired.

Anyhow after a late crazy night with her deciding to party at 1:30 after her bottle till about 4am she slept with me and fell asleep talking and woke up talking.

It’s honestly the sweetest sound and I hope it turns into more.

Some will claim they have heard Mom screamed in distress and Mara when she was loving on her pup but we have to get intent behind it to count it.

The other little diddy I finally caught on video was her mimicking Adelaide and I, this is pretty freaking huge for her.

xo desiree​



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