One year ago…

It was just one year ago today that I took this picture on a very early morning waiting for Daphne to get her first MRI.

She was just days shy of her 1st Birthday.  1st Birthday’s are a big deal to parents, or at least to me.  It’s a milestone that says YES we survived the first year and it’s the time you start seeing the most change in your little one. So it was incredibly sad for us to sit there about to put our child through what most people never experience in their life, all in hopes for answers.

Little did we know at that time the answer we were about to get was not what we were hoping or wanting, in fact it was the worst of the worst in my opinion. 

I sit here now again, with the same timeframe, just days shy of her 2nd Birthday needing to write the how we got to this point story, which I told myself needed to happen on the anniversary of receiving her diagnosis so I have a few more days.  I think I am finally ready.  I know I will shed many tears in writing it but know there will be some peace and healing with it as well because that’s how it is done right?

I am glad this day a year later is different and most importantly I am glad how far we have come and that we still have our sweet baby!

xoxo Desirée

4 thoughts on “One year ago…”

  1. I can’t believe she is almost 2! She has come so far this past year! You have been wonderful parents and have given her just what she needs 💗

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    1. You and Rich have taken devastating news and a grim outlook, and helped Daphne acheive what many called impossible! It will be a tough anniversary, no doubt, but your resolve, coupled with Daphne’s strength, is the proof that love and unfaltering dedication can make the ‘impossible’ possible.

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      1. Thanks so much Keegan, that made me cry. Never did I think the anniversary would be so hard, I am definitely not the strong person I am used to seeing these days. Hopefully the anniversary day can come and go quickly and I can get back my focus.


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