That one time

I got to spend time with my dad and little bro.  It was so nice (a little tiring going west coast to east coast, but still great)

I was busy doing my conference thing all day so one night we galavanted around the monuments until 2am šŸ˜“

I highly recommend it, it was so cool and no crowds!

The next day they said to meet them at a park where they were listening to jazz and drinking Sangria, sounded great except for the 90 degree temp and 150% freaking humidity.  I did it despite sweating through my clothes šŸ˜œ

Then is was back to the hotel to change clothes, have great sushi and walk through the Trump Hotel.

The most impressive bar full of gorgeous decanters.

There were several of these chandeliers.

He leased the old post office and my that building is gorgeous, despite my thoughts towards the man, well done on the decor. 

On our final day they drug me to an art museum…I will be honest, I am not much into history or museums šŸ˜“, we then ended with amazing Peruvian food

On our drive home in my hometowns NEW Sheetz I bought pepperoni rolls and a no bake cookie, they were horrible but I was feeling nostalgic and really looking for Caporale’s roll.

We ended my visit with a family boat ride, dinner and some sibling time with Isaac’s lovely girlfriend Emily, this never happens.

xoxo desiree

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