Wow, its been awhile

Wow, its been awhile but I assure you it has been about relaxing and laying around sipping wine with my feet up, I wish!

We finally got to meet our AZ friends and took them to the beach for the boys first time. Daphne loved it but her friend Preston did not, lol!

Then we had our San Fran family visit and Daphne loved their stickers (aka tattoos)

Next I finally caught her new skill on Camera…clapping 👏🏻

Then we rescued a dog we found lost in the streets and reunited her with her owner

Then Daphne discovered this is her favorite way to get in the car and doesn't care how much of a rush we are in 🤦🏼‍♀️

Then we had a little mommy and Daphne time while the rest of the family was on the east coast

Finally after the longest MONTH ever, Adelaide came home

Last night we went to the local art show called Sawdust, its always great with food, music and local artisans!

It's been a great month for our family but unfortunately sweet little Charlie Gard passed away July 28th, one week shy of his 1st Birthday as his parents stopped their fight once they learned Charlie's muscles had been affected beyond a point of repair from his Mitochondrial Disease.

This was and will continue to be a very hard time for his family and all in the world who's hearts he touched.

I wish his parents strength to get through these times, especially tomorrow when he would have turned 1 year old.

Rest In Peace sweet boy, your legacy will live on through all fighting in Mito!

xoxo desiree

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