This child is such an inspiration.

I hope she doesn’t turn into that teen that hates me.  I am going to work really hard to not let it happen. I know it can happen. I see it with some teens of my friends out here.  I will have to ask for the secret.

So when I was in 4th grade I shaved the back of my neck, apparently it’s called and undercut these days or maybe that’s just for boys, Pinterest said Nape, so I don’t know.  Anyhow, I  don’t remember any of my friends doing it with me, or maybe Erin did?  I don’t even remember if it was a thing, I remember standing in line for role call to class one day and kids asking me about it and me being annoyed that I was in the middle of the line with an L last name and not at the end with my friends who had R and an S last names and that was it.

So when my hair dresser did it on a few clients I showed Adelaide and she thought it was great and wanted to do it.  I let her think about it for months really, I have never really let her do anything with her hair, I mean she is only 9. I just let her dye her tips over Christmas with Kool-Aid because her good friend Alex did it and I thought it would be a good memory to share together, which by the way was only supposed to last two weeks and she still has it!  Lesson learned but she loves it and a couple of friends out here copied and she loves that. Can we just take a minute to think about how nasty and bad Kool-Aid is if it dyes hair permanently, what your insides must look like or even worse how it can eat away at whatever it wants. The only Kool-Aid she gets is in her hair. 

Ok so today was the day, this girl has some balls I tell ya!  

None of her friends have done it, I don’t know that any of them will and where it is just hair and will grow back, she will have this for a few months and will have to own it. 

I am so happy for this.  I hope she can continue to make her own path.  In the current unknown times we face and as a friend of mine said I hope she  continues to “Be the change that she wants to see in this world.”

Rock on Baby Girl

XOXO Desiree