Summer has started

I can hardly believe that Adelaide just finished 3rd grade but this sweet, sassy, independent and amazing little lady is officially a 4th grader.

The last day of school resulted in me picking her up early from after school care per her request and then getting begged by her friend to bring her home as well which gave me an excuse to get them Snow 2 Go (my guilty summer pleasure of the most delicious shaved ice I have ever had).

The first movie in the park (outdoors on a big screen with snacks and kids running around everywhere)  luckily it was Daphne’s favorite movie and where she was a little unsure at first she ended the night in all smiles, and stomping her foot to the music.

Today we surprised Rich with Deep Sea Fishing with a very early wake up at 4am then brunch at one of our favorite spots afterwards. 

Daphne didn’t like two of the guests on the boat but luckily fell asleep and missed he entire fishing experience and woke up moments before we docked.  Thankful she was happy for the boat ride and brunch!

I would have loved to have slept on that boat, rocking waves, the sounds of the waves and the cool salty air, yes please!  That girl was in heaven!

We did not catch any fish we could keep but Rich an Adelaide did both catch a couple Sculpin.  Did you know the fins are toxic if they hit you, as the skipper said not toxic like your going to die but it’s going to hurt really bad!

Everyone was tired except Daphne and took a nap when we got home. 

I hope all the dads out there had a great day!

Xoxo desiree

Father’s Day Weekend

We had a Great and Relaxing Father’s Day Weekend.

Rich and I finally got a Date Night Friday, it seems like it has been forever.  We had a very yummy dinner at Dublin 4 Gastropub with craft cocktails.

We tried to catch some live music at our soccer teammates Bar but we missed it, so instead we hung out with she and her hubby.

It was a Fun Night!


Daphne decided to stay up when I woke her at 1:30 A.M. for her bottle (I was so tired) till 3 then I woke Rich and he stayed up with her until 6 (I think he said he fell asleep on her floor) then I was back up at 6 till 7:30 and finally we all went back to sleep until 10:30.

Adelaide slept through it all, lucky girl!

Then Rich got his first Father’s Day present…Family Pictures on the Beach!  He was not excited but I was.  We used the same photographer from Daphne’s newborn photoshoot and she is just amazing!

Sunday we went to Souplantation (Adelaide’s favorite) for breakfast.  It was pretty gross.  I like the normal menu but they did not do well with breakfast.

After Rich and Daphne took a nap we went to our neighborhood pool association for a cookout and swimming.

It was a very hot weekend, Sunday it was 102 degrees and today 108.  That is not normal for around here and I look forward to the hot temps leaving and our perfect California weather coming back.IMG_2692IMG_2701