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I have been very busy lately and have not even checked the Hypotonia Group I am a member of but amazingly enough when I do there is ALWAYS a post that pertains to a thought or an immediate need I have.

A mom posted about this product and I think it is so clever.

I am can’t wait to get one and try it out.  They have some other really great products on there as well.  I love this as well (so versatile and compact).

I get really irritated when my husband and daughter just lay Daphne down next to them while they do something else like watch TV or read a book.

I keep telling them she needs to be upright to play not laying there like a vegetable.  She needs to be engaged and interacting and learning as much as possible.

Of course just laying her there is easier because she can’t scoot, fall over or require much attention.

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for laying flat and floor play to help her rollover and push up with her arms but, not on the couch or the bed.  Those surfaces are too soft for that.

I hope you can share this site with other families that may benefit from this.