July 4th

We had such a great weekend!

We had some of our best friends visiting from WV.

The girls got to share in a special experience of Harry Potter World at Universal.

Adelaide and I (with Daphne in the stroller) ran our first 5K with Rich, Jen and Alex.

We got to watch some of our towns parade before taking our friends to the Airport and then enjoyed 4th of July festivities and fireworks at our Association.

Daphne was mesmerized with the fireworks and I have to say I was in aw over her until a friend who’s son has seizures said I wish I had given him his seizure meds before the fireworks…Yikes.

I then stopped Daphne from watching them so intently.  She does not have seizures but they could develop anytime and I don’t want them to start from silly fireworks.  IMG_2802IMG_2817IMG_2814IMG_2808IMG_2810IMG_2816IMG_2823IMG_2825IMG_2828IMG_2852IMG_2857IMG_2873IMG_2858IMG_4942

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