Inchstone Alert

Since Daphne cannot hit “age appropriate” milestones.

I decided to help her do something that most 13 months cannot do.

Drink from a STRAW!

She has not liked a normal sippy cup, except to chew on it and let the water run down her chin.

She has always loved drinking from a cup but the art of slowly pouring in the right amount of water to not gag her or not spilling it down her chest, well it’s great for sitting poolside on a hot day but not practical for everyday (yet).

I have talked to her OT about options and techniques, aside from siphoning water with a straw into her mouth like I had been doing and she loves it but I really wanted her to drink from a cup.  The OT suggested a little top to add to a water bottle and squeeze to help her learn but it leaked more water from the edges then what came out of the straw.

Then I found this article on Pinterest…..yes I love Pinterest and it’s my go to for just about anything.

I bought most of the cups in the article and others I found on her website.

I thought the first cup here  was the best because I could use it without the internal straw and it did not spill much and Daphne loved it.  I sent it to the sitters and showed her how to work on it with her.

Today I tried one of the other cups here which the blogger and the description of the cup said it has a magical suction when the lid is on that helps the liquid go up the straw faster.  My oh my were they right.

My little bugga can drink from a cup!

She does not have to lean back or have it tilted, she can drink it just like a normal kid. Take that “age appropriate” milestones.

This is 13 months!!

**of course I tried to capture it on video but she just laughed at us.  Little Stinker!

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