Daphne had a episode of Regression at 10 months.

She used to be able to rollover, grab toys, push-up and feed herself.

It seemed like the change happened overnight.

For most families I have talked to, it did.

I cannot document the exact day but I do know we went to Hawaii the end of March and everything was fine aside from an extremely fussy baby.

She had her second opinion Neurology appointment April 5th and he commented on her primitive reflexes but thought everything else looked great and said Benign Infantile Hypotonia which we heard right before the trip from the Metabolics Doc as well.

The Neuro said unless there is a change or regression she did not need an MRI at this time.

I felt good about delaying the MRI that was ordered for her at 8 months by the first Neuro, until a few days later when she had a regression.

My heart was broken, I called her pediatrician asked her what to do, talked to the PT and scheduled a follow-up with Neuro.  Well you can read how it went from there in the MRI post.

Since then we have been taking things a little slower, sticking to a routine (for the most part), giving her two different supplements and working with Daphne a lot.

Who knows what to attribute this progress to but I am so happy and I hope it continues.

As always, all of your thoughts and prayers are ever so much appreciated!

XOXO Desiree

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