Rotten Eggs

Daphne started the N Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) this weekend and it is NASTY! 

It seriously tastes And smells exactly like ROTTEN EGGS! 

It’s pretty amazing how well they nailed it. Bleh!

Rich and I had a tasting experiment Sunday night to see what liquid would help mask the smell and taste. 

Rich did most of the tasting, I could barely stomach it.

He sampled chocolate milk, cranberry juice, apple juice, cran Apple and various strengths of the Apple and felt Apple was better.

I tried the Apple once I got the smell to a tolerable level, which was 30 times the amount of Apple juice to supplement, 1 oz total and it tasted a little salty.

It’s not practical to get her to drink 1 oz of juice 3 times a day though.

This morning I tried orange peach mango juice mixed with the supplement with club crackers and  water as a chaser, she seemed to tolerate it better.

We are asking the NeuroMet Clinic to think about how else we can get this into her. 

We are talking about this supplement for life and that is not fair or fun for anyone.

2 thoughts on “Rotten Eggs”

    1. For the interim we switched to a capsule that does not smell or taste like anything, just yet another reason why these docs PISS me off, they would suggest such a vile supplement knowing there is another alternative.


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