Closing out July

Things have been relatively calm since the NeuroMet appointment.  

We are patiently waiting on her biopsy to heal so she can swim again which I think she really wants to since I put her feet in the pool and she was grabbing for the water. 

It has been 2 weeks and it is still there and I have been treating it like my wound care friend had recommended. It looks great so far.

Adelaide has gone back East to visit friends and family. I think Daphne misses her a lot. I show her videos of Adelaide and she just laughs and talks to her. 

Daphne’s 1st pony and she absolutely loved it, just squealed and laughed and talked. 

Rich and I took Daphne to an Angels vs Red Sox game so we could all see Big Papi play in his final year.

I have loved the Red Sox and all Boston sports since I went to college there. I am so happy my baby girls first game was to see them. Adelaide will also get to go to her first Red Sox game back east.

You can see here how she cannot handle the heat and she is not even in the sun. This was short lived. I felt how she looked!

Look at those little teeth! She has worked hard since May on these bad boys.

Daphne cannot handle the heat or cold temps, it’s part of the disease.

We took a little break in the shade and Daphne was loving this game.

We took Adelaide and her friend Keira to Sawdust Art Festival and they made a Vase.

2 thoughts on “Closing out July”

  1. That pony is adorable! Love the photos of Daphne with mama and dad at the ballgame! That little Boston hat is so cute on Daphne – looks like there’s another Red Sox fan in the house! Is it too late to indoctrinate her to the Pirates as well? 😉


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