Fun little Family Weekend

Since Adelaide is grounded we had a fun little family weekend.

Adult soccer for Rich and I Friday.

A trip to the vet for our poor Mara girl as she is battling with something unknown but not feeling well and losing too much weight. 

Doubleheader Soccer game for Adelaide on Saturday.

A little shopping in between soccer games.

A delish dinner on Saturday with Saffron Pancetta Risotto with Butternut Squash and Steak.

Finally getting the garage back together after refinishing it. Pictures to come once it is complete.

Sunday Breakfast at the house then back to the mall to put the finishing touches on my outfit for family pictures later that day….hope they turned out okay because I was off my outfit picking game.

Oh and a little trip to the Animal Shelter to drop off some donations and to play with some kitties.

Family pictures went pretty well, I hope we were all smiling at once in at least one of them.

Then dinner at my fav Sushi restaurant and the girls had a great time. Daphne was super good, maybe her best dining experience and Adelaide was eating everything and loved the  wasabi in her shrimp pieces. So proud of my girls!

Oh and my husband he was his great self!

Hope Everyone had a great weekend with their Family!

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