Pirate Baby

It’s not like she doesn’t battle with enough.

Daphne had her follow-up with the Neuro-Ophthalmologist this week and I wanted to discuss something we noticed a little over a month ago that we just called “Wonky Eye.”

We talked to her regular Neurologist about it but he could not get her to repeat it which was good because it was minimal but it has been more apparent lately and I even grabbed some pics to show the doc in case she could not get her to do it.

Now she has what she calls drifting outward which is common in patients with neurological conditions.

So we will try to correct it and strengthen each eye with Patching Therapy (1 hour per day per eye), maybe glasses but right now she will rip them off and eat them…..ABSOLUTE last case scenario is surgery.  We will follow-up in 2 months to check her progress.

I have ever said I HATE HATE Mito and wish it did not exist.  This is simply not fair!

Wonky Eye on the Right

One thought on “Pirate Baby”

  1. I love the photos of the sisters together! Adelaide looks like an awesome big sis, and Daphne looks so happy in her embrace.


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