December Days

Time is flying!

Is anyone else feeling that way?

I am usually over prepared for Christmas but this year it seems to be sneaking up on me.

This is the first year that we are not going back East for the Holidays. Which is probably why I am not as prepared.

We have Daphne on a travel ban of sort, there are many triggers that can cause a regression in her disease and travel can be one along with stress, and sickness and with the cold temps, flu season and time change we are keeping her home to help avoid this for awhile. 

Daphne’s only major regression was after a trip away last Spring, maybe coincidental or the cause, nonetheless we are being extra cautious.

With a little break in soccer for a few weeks we have been extra busy trying to enjoy full weekends instead of just one day.

We hosted Adelaide’s 9th Birthday Party (a little early) and can I just say when I turn 40 (not for awhile now) can I get a perfectly Pinterest party?!  The girls were great, had fun at movie and paint your own pottery and I survived with 11 girls. 

The next day we went to SkyPark Santa’s Village. This was a common Christmas destination for Californians but has not been open for 20 years. I was very happy to get to experience this with my girls. We also saw Gwen Stefani with her kids and Blake Shelton. I love celebrity sightings!

It was only 54 degrees and we were all freezing! 

Our blood has def adjusted to the perfect Cali weather.

I am a bit scared with arriving on the East coast today taking Adelaide back to visit family and friends, the temps are supposed to be ZERO degrees! 

I leave my head to toe down jacket at my parents for occasions just like this. 

I will miss my poor little Daphne Poo, this is my longest trip away, 3 nights 😩, oh and my amazing hubby.

One thought on “December Days”

  1. We will certainly miss having the four of you in Cumberland over Christmas, but definitely understand your reasoning. Know we’ll be thinking of all of you, sending our love and best wishes.
    Grandma and Granddaddy


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