Christmas 2016

This year we stayed on the west coast for Christmas, for the most part at least, Adelaide went back east for a week to visit family and friends and I helped transport one leg of that trip.

My trip was very short but it was nice to see family and friends for a little bit at least, it’s been a year since I was home and one of my parents dogs made that evident. Here is little Darby insisting on sleeping on my bed my last night there. 

Christmas snuck up on me a little this year and therefore I was out shopping on Christmas Eve! 

I got most of what I needed, my poor husband did not get everything I planned for him but I will make it up to him.

Nonetheless we had a great time and got to share in some holiday festivities with friends and neighbors that we usually miss out on.

I hope everyone had a Great Christmas!

Cooking baking all day….not my thing but it had to be done.

I love how they wrap almost every branch to the top, this picture does not even show the beauty.

This is pure happiness and I am so happy we could give this to her.

Who’s house looks like this?!

Note she was fine, just funny moments captured in the first few mintues of wheels on her feet, she got the hang out it very soon after.

Daphne’s first Candy Cane. It’s Christmas so it’s okay that she just had her first taste of candy right?!

The MOST delicious Whiskey Sour I have ever tasted (cudos to the hubby), and that says a lot coming from me because I do not like Whiskey, I mean like at all, bleh, just give me wine, but oh my this was delish!!

We wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Years Eve!

We have some fun plans for the Holiday so stay tuned for pictures, that’s if I can keep my hands dry enough to use the camera (hint)!

XO Desiree

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