It’s a Christmas Miracle  


Not really, but I have always wanted to say that and this is probably as close as I will get, but it is after almost a year of therapy.

Miss Daphne Poo is doing really well with unsupported sitting.

Rich was able to capture it on video today

One Whole Minute!

The little things for me are being able to sit her on her changing pad while getting dressed and button the back of her shirt or comb the back of her hair, it’s really just great!

XO Desiree 

3 thoughts on “It’s a Christmas Miracle  ”

  1. What an amazing feat – GO DAPHNE! A wonderful Christmas present, and a brilliant way to ring in the new year! Cheers to two amazing parents and a loving big sister, a family whose optimism and unconditional support propel Daphne to new successes! 🤗


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