First Born

Adelaide is my first born and no one can take that title from her.

She has had a rough few weeks and that is part of growing up, but truth be told it has been much harder on me than on her.

As my uncle laughed at me telling him what we have been going through with her, he said “Desirée…she is just like you!”

Yeah, yeah I know but wowsa!

Then he said, “wait until she turns 16, she is going to hate you!”  Oh great, thanks! 🙂

But even with these moments, it is so nice for her to see the reason for my doings and say “hey you know, it wasn’t bad being Hermione for Halloween.”

(back story…she begged for this in July and wanted the really expensive cape from Universal and I said no, but instead ordered it from Amazon, she was thrilled…..until the Halloween catalogs starting coming out then she wanted a $200 costume from Chasing Fireflies….sorry Sista, not happening and you can imagine how it went from then, but I did offer her to buy a new costume with her own money which she did not have enough of and she could find ways to make more money but that was JUST NOT FAIR!)

She has returned to her sweet self and maybe even a little more compassionate than before and expressive of her feelings and descriptive of her days.

That is all I want as her parent.

My Girls in October

October was a big month for Daphne, she started babbling letter sounds…Ba, Wa, La, Lo and M sounds


started rolling over again, all over our floor.  She loves it, she cracks up as soon as she gets over and just keeps on going.

This is not the best video because she got distracted kicking the furniture but you can hear her laugh and see the rolls!

Adelaide is loving Mid Year Cheer and doing so well.

I loved cheerleading when I was a kid and it makes me happy to see her enjoying it just as much as I did.  Hopefully she can avoid the broken arm, she is also a flyer (princess they call it).

He is not one of the girls but a furry thing I care about…Enzo is doing great and is so rotten and LOVES to play!




Super Proud

Adelaide is a GREAT daughter.

I mean absolutely Stupendous.

Words really can’t describe how great she is.

Of course I have always known this.

She is a Mini Me 🙂

She is really turning into a lovely young lady.

Lately she has challenged us so she has been helping out more with chores.

A couple of weeks ago she commented on being besties with the laundry room.

She is really great at making her lunch for camp and that is not a chore but she really loves creating her meals.

She also has her own personal style and is so confident.  She is sporting her hair as a donut for crazy hair day at Summer Camp.IMG_2776IMG_2770IMG_2768